Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Redskins Sweatshirt HTV

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share this sweatshirt that I made as a Christmas gift for my husband - it was a huge hit.  My husband is a big Redskins fan, (strange as we live in Colorado!)  He became a fan way back in 1983 when he was in England.  He was with some friends and they were watching the Superbowl between Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins - everyone else was cheering for the Dolphins so he decided to cheer for the Redskins.  The Redskins won, and he has been a fan ever since (we even had a cheese plant named 'Joe Gibbs' and a fish named 'Dexter Manley' - not sure that will mean anything to anyone who is not a football fan.)

Obviously living in Colorado there is not a lot of Redskins merchandise around, so I decided to get some heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and make something myself.  As luck would have it I belong to a Facebook group (Silhouette Cameo and SD Users) and a lovely lady named Jill posted a tumbler that she had decorated with a Redskins logo.  I decided to be cheeky as ask her if she would mind sharing the file, and she said YES!  I want to re-iterate that Jill made this file, she took the image, traced it and made it into an SVG file.  I have traced a few images for myself and this can take a lot of time and effort for some images - this would be one of those images.  Thank you so much Jill for all your hard work on this.  Here is the logo on the finished shirt.

I used my Cameo to cut the vinyl, I use the pre-set settings for smooth heat transfer vinyl but usually up the blade setting from 2 to 3.  Each of the different colours needed to be ironed on separately, so it is important to check whether the are hot or cold peel.  I get my vinyl from Nick at Craft Vinyl, he has great prices and usually very speedy service.

This is my husbands reaction when he opened the box.

Thank you again Jill, and thanks everyone for stopping by today.



  1. WOW! Impressive, Michelle. I know that working with that many colors and layers is not an easy task. I can tell my I's expression that he LOVED it! I may just have to tackle a Raiders version for myself! Thanks for sharing....

  2. What a great gift! You did a great job with all the layers.


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