Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hogs and Kisses

Hi Everyone

Today I have a couple of different Valentines Day cards to show you.  Valentines Day quickly became my favourite holiday when we moved here from the UK and my girls were in elementary school.  In the UK Valentines Day isn't that big with children in school (at least it wasn't 14 years ago.)  At my girls elementary school the rule was that you had to give a Valentine card to everyone in the class or no one (treats were an optional extra), they even set aside time in art class and provided kids with materials to make their cards (for many at this particular school the buying of cards would have been cost prohibitive for many parents.)  As one of my daughters has a Valentines Day birthday (much to her chagrin) I used to always be in class that particular day with birthday cake, what a great atmosphere, so many smiles and everyone getting along.

Sadly those days are long behind me and I no longer get to make treats for a class of elementary school children.  So this year I decided to make a few cards and send them to my friends children (anonymously of course!)  Here is a look at the first one.

How adorable is this pig?  It is from a Lettering Delights set called Hogs and Kisses.  The background paper is from a Valentine paper pack sold at Target in the dollar section last year, and of course I just had to mount them on an action wobble spring.

Here is the second card I made (had to include one suitable for my friends four-legged 'kids')

This little dog is also from a Lettering Delights set called Great Scott It's Love.

Here is a look at the cards in 'action'.

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  1. These are so cute. Your friend' s kids will love these wobblers for sure. TFS

  2. Your cards are adorable! I purchased the LD set a couple of weeks ago. Now I can't wait to get some of those piggies cut!

  3. Oh dear these are incredibly cute! I am sure the receivers are going to love them :) Lucy still has one of your cards on the headboard of her bed and though it is tattered and torn from her sleeping with it and loving on it, it is still a treasure to her <3

  4. Michelle, These are adorable and I love the wiggle to them.


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