Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bright Ideas Notebook (using vinyl)

I decided on a very simple project today - blame it on a lack of sleep plus a dog, who despite my tiredness, still insisted on getting up at 6.00am for breakfast!

While I was in Florida I received this cute little note book from my friend Kymberlee  The Paper Midwife,  (well actually from her mom,) - thank you so much.

I just love it, and whilst it is very cute just as it is, I still want to have some kind of simple decoration on it.  Then I had this 'bright idea' of using some vinyl - this is what I came up with.

I cut the vinyl with my cameo (I used the recommended silhouette settings for vinyl with the exception of upping the blade depth to 2.)  The polka dot lamp is a Silhouette file and and font is called DokChampa.  I love how it turned out.



  1. Very cute. It is a bright idea. TFS

  2. I bought that little notebook from Craft Warehouse here in Oregon so it actually is from me. My mom brought alllllllllllll the felt stuff ;) I love what you did with that and I think I am going to have to go buy me one for myself. Oh wait...I don't have a place to craft :(

    1. Well, we all took home sooooo much stuff from FL it was hard to keep track. I love the little notebook so thank you again. I have so many ideas for the felt, I guess I need to get working and posting.

  3. I am stealing this idea!!! Very cute.


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