Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Lauren - Look WHO's turning 21!

Hi Everyone

Today I am sharing the birthday card I made for my daughter Lauren who turns 21 today.  She is a big Dr Who fan, and so it seemed only fitting that she should have a TARDIS on her card - those of you who are not 'Whovians' I have already lost - but stick with me :)  here is a look at the card.

I made the file for this completely from scratch using the Silhouette Designer software, and my Silhouette Cameo.  It looks fairly simple, just square and rectangles right?  But I also had to get the sizing right, not to mention the correct wording on the sign and the colour of the TARDIS - if you are interested the RGB value for Tardis Blue is 16, 35,114.

When you open the doors, this is what you see.

I used my Chomas pen holder and gel pens to created the sentiment 'Look WHO's turning 21!' and used the computer to generate the special message on the inside.

Last but not least I had to add an element of 'fun', so I mounted the TARDIS on an action wobble spring, (please excuse the mess on my craft table.)

The studio file for the TARDIS I have shared in the tab 'Files To Share' at the top of the page.

Happy Birthday Lauren!



  1. Thank Thank thank for this card
    My daughter is having her 30th birthday soon and I have been racking my brain as what kind of card to make her. She is a huge Whovian, even has my little granddaughter hooked lol

    1. Thanks Rebecca - I have the studio file listed under the 'Files to share" tab if you would like it.

  2. This is FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing.

  3. So, I found this on Pinterest a few days ago. Today was my husband's birthday celebration, he is a HUGE Dr. Who fan, but I know NOTHING about the show so this helped big time. I made this card for him from scratch just finding a graphic of the Tardis and copied the wording. He did not believe I made it, I even made the Tardis in 3D, he could swear I bought it. He absolutely LOVED it. I told him I couldn't take credit for the design and wording only then handwork, but he still enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing!!!


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