Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some special shoes, for someone special.

Hi Everyone

I made these shoes quite a while back.  Originally I had intended to make them as part of a project to get on a 'Design Team'.  It was a little 'tongue-in-cheek', I hadn't been terribly serious about it.  I have to thank my friend DeAnna from Paper Grandma for showing me this cutting file and also spending a lot of time over the phone helping me cut them with the MTC programme.

I finished the basic shoe, and kind of just left them on the shelf (literally).  I was looking at the the other day and thinking of my oldest daughter and her fascination with designer shoes (no doubt helped by her father who always 'notices' shoes.)  I should mention here that her fascination is purely in her head, as she is a 'poor hard-up student.'

Well, I started to 'bling' them out a bit and here is what I ended up with.

The more I thought about it he more I knew that there was just one finishing touch I had to make...

Red soles the signature of Christian Louboutin!

Soon these will be winging their way to Seattle filled with candy, and someone special will be dreaming of maybe one day owning the real thing.



  1. Wow! Hot hot shoes. Love the leopard print paper and the red soles and perfect touch of rhinestones! Thanks for sharing this awesome creation!

  2. I love these and wish I could own a real pair too!


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