Thursday, September 6, 2012

Layering Heat Transfer Vinyl

My post today is pretty quick and simple -a little project showing layered heat transfer vinyl.  I should have posted this last night, but was too busy having my own 'pity party' about some 'hiccup' in my life.  Anyway on with the project.

These are the items I altered.

I am altering these items for two very special children who are having a HUGE celebration later this month - they are celebrating their new family name.  Maybe not a big deal for most, but for these guys it really is huge.  These children have been though a lot (a whole heap) and are currently being fostered by an amazing family.  I cannot imagine a better celebration than something like this, our family name that gives us a real sense of belonging.

So here is what I did.

I layered the silver HTV on top of black to make the name really stand out.  It really is not too difficult if you are patient and take the process slowly.  My HTV is from Nick at Craft Vinyl.  I thoroughly recommend buying from him, he has excellent service, great colour selection and prices.  He sends out very detailed instructions with his vinyl, and as long as you follow the steps you can't go wrong.  Here is a close up.

The font that I used is called 'Superheterodyne' and is available for free here.  I  cut all the HTV with my Cameo on their recommended settings for T-shirt vinyl -that machine sure makes it a breeze, but DON"T FORGET to do a test cut to make sure you don't cut all the way through the vinyl backing.

Here are the altered Hello Kitty sweatshirt and bag.

This font is called 'Bebas'.  Again I cut all the HTV on my Cameo, the only change I made was increasing the blade depth for cutting the glitter vinyl.  Here are a couple of close-ups.

After this project I can honestly say I am in love with glitter HTV - the pictures don't do it justice, it looks fabulous.

I hope when you have a 'hiccup' in life, (mine by the way was my daughters car getting broken into, stuff was taken but at the end of the day it was just 'stuff',) you will spare a thought for children in tough situations.  A good friend of mine who I greatly admire took time to point out to me that it "isn't all juvenile delinquents in the foster care system, there are children too many of whom who have been hurt or traumatized through no fault of their own."

So here's to two very special children on their very special day.



  1. It looks stupendous Michelle! You inspired me to pull out my HTV and get to work!

  2. Michelle,
    Your projects are look awesome and there will be 2 happy kids when they open these.
    I will try to remember to "always do a text cut."

  3. This turned out fabulous. The children sure are going to love this.

  4. I am in LOVE with this project! They look fabulous on here so I can onlu imagine how great they are going to look in person. I really want to get my cameo out and start rocking it. I fear I am going to become addicted to HTV and Nick and I will be on a first name basis VERY soon!
    Thank you Michelle, for the WONDERFUL project and the LOVE you put into those items.


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