Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A 'Dangerous' HTV Project

I think I have mentioned before that my youngest daughter, Phoebe, became involved in Roller Derby just over a year ago.  She started off in the junior league last summer, then in January she tried out for the adult league of the Denver Roller Dolls.  She was successful and became a 'baby doll' - which meant that she had to attend a number of training's/practices and learn certain skills before she could 'test-up' to be on one of the four Denver teams.  Last week, she did just that testing up to A- status.  This means she can be drafted to a team, and scrimmage with them - she is not yet allowed to bout at Roller Derby events.

So she tells me she needs a couple of shirts to scrimmage in, with her derby name ('Shebe Dangerous') and number on - TODAY!  Thank goodness I try to keep black and white heat transfer vinyl on hand, and my Cameo is ready to go at a moments notice.  The font I used for this is called 'Wanted', the HTV is cut using the Silhouette recommended settings for vinyl (with the exception of my blade being on a depth of 2).

Here are the finished shirts.




  1. I saw the pic before the explanation and knew just what they were for! GREAT JOB MAMA! I will be looking for you to do the whole team really soon. I think you should post a video of Shebe Dangerous too.

  2. That sounds really fun and scary at the same time! Love her name though, and you did a great job with the shirts!


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